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Silsden Whitestar was originally formed back in 1918 and formed part of the Keighley Junior League, all teams back in the day had to have an average playing age of 18.

The second SILSDEN WHITE STAR was formed by David Hird in 1977. He chose the ‘White Star’ title because he lived on Breakmoor Road, where the original club played. They joined the regions strongest league at the time, the old Wharfedale Sunday League but struggled at the foot of the fourth division in their first season. Better times followed as they began a dramatic rise to the premier division over the following few seasons. During this run, a reserve side was also formed, the reserves becoming the first side from the Keighley district to play in the Wharfedale Triangle League. In fact, the 1979-80 season was notable for that fact that despite there temporarily being no Saturday side in Silsden, there were SIX senior teams playing every week on a Sunday – both Silsden AFC and Silsden White Star running three teams each, two in the Wharfedale League and one each in the Keighley Sunday Alliance.(It must have been a nightmare sorting out changing facilities at Silsden playing fields that season as the changing block was destroyed by a fire !)

Silsden Whitestar was again resurrected in the summer of 2007 by John Knowles they played their home games at the Park in Silsden, having gained successful promotions under manager Gary Lund they currently reside in the Craven League

Division 1